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CCO announcement OCTOBER 21, 2022

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

1. MONDAY’S REHEARSAL.  - MESSAGE FROM OUR MUSIC DIRECTOR Email from Andrew Chung received last Tuesday:"Last night was the best rehearsal I have had with CCO.  For next Monday, I will rehearse Britten, Hansel und Gretel, Journeys, for Angela Swan and Mozart’s clarinet concerto.”Thank you to our soloists, Rebecca Gray and Helen Li, for making the rehearsal so exhilarating. Musicians are responsible for bringing their own music, where possible. Librarian Bob Mitchell will distribute only those pieces for which there are no links. Here are the links for the Dec. 10 concert, including the references to the four pieces scheduled for rehearsal this Monday:  

Holiday Cornucopia      

December 10 /2022  Concert

1. Overture to Hansel und Gretel (Vorspiel)  -  Humperdinck,_Engelbert)

2. Adagio from Clarinet Concerto.    Mozart   (ie Second movement only) (featuring CCO member Helen Li)

3. Messiah -   Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion - Handel  ( Just the one aria),_HWV_56_(Handel,_George_Frideric)

5. Journeys, for Angela  Swan - Andrew McClure - parts to be distributed at the rehearsal  

6. Soirees Musicales   - Britten - parts to be distributed at the rehearsal 

7. Sing-Along  with Rebecca Gray -  TBA

CONCERT VOLUNTEERS - We will need several ushers and ticket takers for the December 10 concert. If you are a non-playing member wiling to volunteer or know someone who would like to volunteer, please email

2. VIDEOTAPING OF OCTOBER 30 REHEARSAL - Consent Please The CCO needs a video of the CCO performing for marketing purposes. Communications and Marketing volunteers, Tetsuya Kobayashi and Tai Chan, have arranged to tape the rehearsal on October 30, 2022. The CCO is asking for your consent to participate in that video, knowing your image will be shared on CCO social media. A Consent Form will be available at the next two rehearsals, or please sign and return this one to


Monday October 30:         Videotaping of the CCO rehearsal, St. Barnabas Church, 8:00pm   

Friday December 9, 2022: Dress rehearsal - 7:00 Rosedale United Church 

Saturday December 10, 2022: Concert, “Holiday Cornucopia” (premier of “Journeys, for Angela Swan” by Andrew McClure) - Rosedale United Church

Monday January 9, 2023: Rehearsals resume Mondays, 8:00 to 10:00pm (Venue to be determined)

Friday March 24, 2023: Dress Rehearsal (Venue to be determined) 

Saturday March 25, 2023: Concert (premier of “A Stone’s Throw” by Justin Peters) (Venue to be determined)

Friday June 9, 2023: Dress Rehearsal (Venue to be determined) 

Saturday June 10, 2023: Concert (Trumpet Concerto by composer Betsy Raum) (Venue to be determined) 

Two priorities identified by the new Board are, if possible, to find a suitable, long-term “home” for CCO rehearsals, starting in January 2023, replacing St. Barnabas; secondly, to find a concert venue that is closer to the Village and more accessible by public transit than Rosedale United is, although we have all been delighted by the friendliness and beauty of that concert venue. Members will be advised of the results of those efforts. If you have ideas on venues, please share them immediately by email to as investigations are underway right now. 

4. MEMBERSHIP FORMS AND FEES October 4 was the official start to the CCO’s 2022-’23 season, with new By-Laws and a new Board. New membership forms and fees for the season are now due. If you have not already done so, please complete the Application for Membership and the Risk Assessment forms, and pay dues ($100 - reductions possible with a request to the Board at or email Keep in mind that you will receive a charitable receipt from the CCO for any monies paid - and consider whether this is a good time to make a charitable donation to our orchestra over and above the amount of your annual dues. You can pay dues by cheque or cash at a rehearsal or electronically through Canada Helps Counterpoint Community Orchestra. Please add a note that the amount submitted is for membership fees.

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