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CCO Announcements - March 1st, 2024

MARCH 1, 2024 


Short Announcements today as we are fast approaching concert time. 

(i) Rehearsal March 4 - the videographer we hope will do a piece about the CCO’s upcoming anniversary for Outlook TV will be there to meet a few people. 

We’ll be rehearsing everything for our March 23 programme. Please bring your own music stand and sheet music; please do not attend if you feel ill, and wear a mask if you were recently ill. You can print the sheet music from the Members Only portal at

Let Gemma know if you cannot perform at the March 23 concert for any reason,, asap. Space on the Eastminster stage will be tight. 

Intermission snacks March 4 -  winds and brass. Second violins on March 11. 

Concert dress for June 15’s concert - there will be a brief discussion and show of hands vote at Monday's rehearsal. The recommendation is a black T shirt with a great logo created by violinist Kataya Applegath. We’ve researched and the Hawaiian style, button up shirts would be too costly. In order to proceed with an order, we will canvas whether the majority of the musicians will wear the T shirt at the June 15 anniversary concert, although there will be an option for musicians to wear all black even if we go ahead with the T shirts.) 

(ii) March 23 Concert - Tickets and Posters for March 23 are available at the rehearsal. Helen Li can accept your ticket money, or give you more tickets. The Door Volunteers  have posters - not too late to post or to circulate them to friends and family.  

There will be cookies and water at the intermission. Cookies are primarily from the musicians, although both Whiskful Thinking Bakery and Craig’s Cookies are likely to donate as well, as they did at our holiday concert. There will be Volunteers ready to take your cookie donations on concert night. 

There will be a 50/50 raffle at this concert. No electronic tickets for this - cash only. Tickets are $5 for one, $10 for three, and $20 for “an arm’s length”. Please remind your guests to bring cash - and bring some cash yourself so that you can participate plus loan a few bucks to your friends - they will thank you for it if they win! 

A volunteer photographer will be around before the concert and at intermission, taking some casual shots in the green room and in the sanctuary of the musicians and volunteers, trying to capture the excitement/tension.  

Eastminster Church has a pixelated sign facing the Danforth - look for the ad for CCO’s “Romantic Echoes”. We’ll get a photo of as many CCO people as possible in front of that sign after the Dress Rehearsal. 

 IMPORTANT CCO DATES (Please note a change: it’s been confirmed that there will be no rehearsal on April 1.)

Monday March 4 - a videographer will attend the rehearsal. Snacks - Winds and Brass 

Monday March 11 - snacks by Second Violins. 

Monday March 18 - snacks by First Violins. 

Friday March 22 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm Dress Rehearsal for “Romantic Echoes” at Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Ave. (Chester subway) 

Saturday March 23 - 7:30pm Romantic Echoes Concert, Eastminster United Church. 

Monday March 25 - no rehearsal 

Monday April 1 - Easter Monday. No rehearsal. 

Monday April 8, 7:30pm - rehearsals resume Mondays 7:30 to 9:30pm at The 519 Community Centre. Snacks by Cellos and Violas.  

Monday May 20 - no rehearsal - Victoria Day 

Monday May 27 - rehearsals resume at The 519, 7:30 to 9:30pm at The 519 

Friday June 14 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm Dress Rehearsal for “Melodies of Pride and Progress", Eastminster United Church. Violin Soloist: Jaedon Daly.

Saturday, June 15 - 7:30pm 40th Anniversary Concert, “Pride and Progress”, plus a post concert reception, and other celebratory events, Eastminster United Church.

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