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Happy New Year everyone!  Hope your holidays, and your break from rehearsals, were all joyous, and best wishes for a 2023 filled with beautiful music. 

A special shout out to those members and supporters who donated to the CCO in time to get a charitable tax receipt for 2022. Your financial support is much appreciated. 


1. REHEARSAL January 9, 2023

We’re back for rehearsals at St. Barnabas next Monday, January 9, 2023, 8:00pm start. 

Andrew wants to rehearse Schumann’s Symphony No. 1 (Spring Symphony) and “A Stone’s Throw”, a new piece by Dustin Peters which will make its world premier at the CCO concert on March 25. 

The Schumann link has already been posted in the Musicians’ Only site and here it is again:

Our librarian, Bob Mitchell, will supply the music for “A Stone’s Throw” at the rehearsal. 

If for any reason, you cannot bring your own copy of the Schumann symphony, please let Bob Mitchell know as soon as possible. Bob has kindly agreed to bring parts for anyone who requests them. Bob’s email address is Unlike in previous years, Bob does not bring copies of all the parts to every rehearsal as musicians are expected to bring their own. Please let Bob know if you need your part.


The Board is pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Treasurer, Mr. John Todd. John is a economist and consultant, with experience in the Treasurer’s role for other voluntary organizations. We are very pleased that John has agreed to join the CCO Board. As with any Board appointment of a Director, John will stand for election at the next Annual General Meeting. 

We are very grateful to Kevin Uchikata for 6 years of service as the CCO Treasurer, and for his continued willingness to assist in the transition of responsibilities to a new Director. Often only after someone completes a job do you realize just how much work that person actually did; Kevin falls into that category. Thank you for everything, Kevin. 


The Board has two meetings scheduled: a Planning Meeting on Sunday January 15, and a regular Board meeting on Thursday January 26 at 7:30pm. A Zoom link will be provided for members to join the regular Board meeting if they wish. 

At the Planning Meeting, the Board expects to discuss how the CCO is doing, where we hope it goes for the next year or so, and potential goals and policies. If you have ideas, suggestions, or feedback that you would like the Board to consider, please let any Director know, or email your ideas to for distribution to the Directors. 

As a reminder, the Board of Directors now is: 

Elizabeth Mitchell, Chairperson

Daniel Payne, Vice Chairperson

Holly Price, Secretary

John Todd, Treasurer

Bob Bentley, Past Chairperson 

Andrew Lam

David Brownstone

Tetsuya Kobayashi. 

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