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CCO ANNOUNCEMENTS December 10th 2022

DECEMBER 2, 2022

1. REHEARSAL VENUE - confirmed as St. Barnabas

Following the feedback received from the musicians at last week’s rehearsal, the Board has agreed that the rehearsal venue shall continue at St. Barnabas for January through June 2023, with a right of first refusal for continuing in that venue for the remainder of the 23-’24 season. We hope to finalize the contract extension soon.


I am pleased to report that the CCO’s Bill McQueen Scholarship has been awarded to a viola and violin student at U of T, Jaedon Daly. Jaedon has been practicing privately and expects to join the viola section at this Monday’s rehearsal and at the upcoming concert.

(i) Order of rehearsal from our Music Director:

"This Monday: Handel und Gretel A Christmas Festival Sleigh Ride Soirée Musicales Rejoice greatly Exsultate Jubilate

Dear String players, Please spend some time with Rejoice greatly and Exsultate Jubilate’s slow movement. Thanks in advance Andrew

(ii) Musicians’ Names, Tickets, and Money

A sheet with the names of the musicians who are playing on December 10 will be circulated on Monday. It is the next-to-final list for inclusion in the programme. Please ensure your own name is properly spelled (and you are given the correct instrument). Principals, please check that everyone you expect to play in your section is named.

Tickets and Money - Please give the money you have received for ticket sales to Helen Li this Monday, or at the Dress Rehearsal if necessary.

Ticket PickUp at the Concert: If you want to leave paid-for tickets for pick up at the Ticket Table at the concert, please put them in an envelope with your name and that of your guest(s). We will give them to the volunteers at the Ticket Table before the concert. We will have envelopes at the rehearsal and the dress rehearsal for you to complete and give to Helen Li or Liz Mitchell by no later than the Dress Rehearsal.

(iii) Concert Dress Code

There has been a request to move our concert dress to all black, eliminating white shirts, a request closely followed by the opposite request - to maintain white shirts.

There will be a brief vote on the dress code for the upcoming concert during the break Monday.


The Dress Rehearsal is on Friday, December 9 at Rosedale United, at 7:00 pm start. The doors will open for us at 5:30.

“Holiday Cornucopia” is on Saturday, December 10, at 7:30 pm. Please come early - no later than 6:45. Again, the doors and the Green Room will be open for us starting at 6:00.

Tickets can be purchased at the event. Last-minute sales are very welcome! Please keep selling - it’s a big Church!

The order for the Holiday Cornucopia concert is:

Hansel und Gretel

Exsultate Jubilate

Journey for Angela Swan

Clarinet concerto

Rejoice greatly

Soirée Musicales

Christmas Festival

Sleigh Ride.

There will be no intermission, masks must be worn by everyone in the Church who is not playing a wind instrument, and there are no refreshments inside the Church.

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