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FEBRUARY 24, 2023 


Hope you enjoyed your break from rehearsals. We are back at St. Barnabas 361 Danforth Avenue, near the Chester subway, 8:00 on Monday February 27. 

This week, we shall be rehearsing only Schumann’s Spring Symphony. As always, please bring your part, available at the Members’ Only portal on the CCO website, or at, or by asking our librarian, Robert Mitchell, to bring a part for you. His email is


The CCO’s Board of Directors met last night. Here are some decisions that you will hear more about at upcoming rehearsals:


We created a summer series of Sunday afternoon concerts two years ago to give our members a place to play during the pandemic when indoor performances were prohibited. That particular reason for the summer series no longer applies. However, should the CCO continue to have a summer season nonetheless? It fulfills other purposes, such as community outreach, finding new audiences and new musicians, gives members an opportunity to keep up their skills, builds the orchestra’s repertoire, and provides a platform for members who enjoy playing in small ensembles to perform as “Friends of the CCO”. However, the season is not free, and is not a “core” activity for the CCO. The member turnout is relatively small at several of the outdoor performances. Is a summer season a good idea?

We’d like to hear what the members have to say. And we’d like to talk about what a summer season should look like if the decision is to hold one. 

You are invited to a Zoom call meeting specifically about the approaching summer. Should the CCO have a third season of Playing in the Park? What will the concerts look like this time? The meeting will be held on Monday, March 27, 8:00pm - ie, the evening following our concert when there is no rehearsal. 

A Zoom invitation to this meeting will be forwarded in an Announcement closer to March 27. 

(ii) REHEARSALS TO BEGIN AT 7:30PM as of APRIL 3, 2023 

For some time now, our Music Director has been recommending to the Board and others that we start our rehearsals at 7:30 instead of 8:00pm. We need the extra half hour; the time goes too quickly with an 8:00 start, a break, and a 45 minute resumption. An extra half hour will make a difference to how productive the rehearsals can be. This need not exclude those few members who just cannot get there before 8:00; they are very welcome to arrive when they can and join in. 

Last night, Andrew Chung made a formal request to the Board to start at the earlier time and the Board agreed. 

CCO rehearsals at St. Barnabas will start at 7:30 at the first rehearsal after our March 25 concert, on April 3. 


The CCO is turning 40 next year. What a great thing to be celebrating! 

The Board has decided the 40th Anniversary concert will be the June 2024 concert - June because this concert should very much be part of the Pride festivities. 

A 40th Anniversary Committee is being struck. There are so many things to consider: a showy, audience pleasing programme, a bigger than normal venue, sponsorships, anniversary tokens of some kind (have you seen the cool pins that were distributed for the CCO’s 25th?), budget, fundraising, and all the usual concert things like programme design, advertising, etc. 

Would you like to join a Committee formed for the purpose of coming up with a great celebration? If so, please email and your email will go to the newly appointed Chair of this brand-new Committee. 


A few things will be different at the upcoming concert. First, for the first time in years, Enza Anderson is unavailable to act as host, although she was quick to confirm that she is available and interested in continuing as host at the June concert. 

Replacing Enza will be our long-standing member, Trish Tervit. She’ll be terrific in the role. The concert organizers are really thankful that she has so graciously agreed to host. 

Tickets are available from Helen Li at rehearsals, and may be purchased on line at

Hello Spring Dress Rehearsal will be on Friday March 24, starting at 7:00pm. We have rented the Church starting at 5:30 for set up. 

Hello Spring Concert Details:

7:30 to 9:15 St. Peter and St. Simon-the-Apostle Church, 525 Bloor St. East (Sherbourne subway) 

Masks are mandatory; no food or drink in the Church. 

Tickets $20, $12 for Youth (18 and younger). 

Musicians are expected to arrive at the Church on the night of the concert at 6:30pm. Our Green Room is on the main floor, as the one on the lower level is under renovation. 

Musician Dress Code - to be confirmed at a rehearsal. 



February 27 - rehearsal St. Barnabas, 8:00pm. March 6 - rehearsal St. Barnabas, 8:00pm March 13 - rehearsal, St. Barnabas, 8:00pm March 20 - rehearsal, St. Barnabas, 8:00pmFriday March 24 - Dress Rehearsal, 7:00pm, St. Peter and St. Simon-the Apostle Anglican Church, 525 Bloor Street East Saturday March 25 - Concert “Hello Spring” - St. Peter and St. Simon Church - Musicians 6:30 - Concert 7:30pm until 9:15pm. Masks required for the audience and for musicians when not actually playing a wind or brass instrument. Monday March 27 - NO REHEARSAL - BUT a Zoom call for Members to discuss Playing in the Park. Zoom invitation to issue in March. April 3 - Weekly rehearsals resume at St. Barnabas, 7:30pm Start. April 10 - NO REHEARSAL - Easter Monday April 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15 - Rehearsals, St. Barnabas, 7:30pm startApril 22 - NO REHEARSAL - Victoria Day. Rehearsals resume April 29 until the Dress Rehearsal and Concert June 9 and 10. 


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