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MAY 30 2024 

Just over 2 weeks until "Pride & Progress", our 40th Anniversary concert! A busy time for musicians and volunteers. 

TICKET SALES - should be every members’ priority right now. All members are expected to sell at least 2 tickets. The component of our audience that is the most numerically significant, claps the loudest, and is the most praising is the friends and family of the musicians. Please turn your mind now to who in your circle may enjoy it. There are lots of “extras” at this concert - we think you can promise them a memorable evening.

Printed tickets are available at rehearsals. Electronic tickets on The concert poster is attached for you to circulate, print and post. The poster will also be available for pickup at the rehearsal. 


Andrew Chung has asked us to be ready on Monday for Barber, Britten and Smythe. Soloist, Jaedon Daly, is attending. 

Snacks - winds, brass and piano. 


(1) We are emphasizing the CCO’s history in all of the anniversary celebrations. If you know some former musicians please reach out to them and send them a poster. They are most welcome! Also, their names will likely be on one of the lists posted at the reception - they may be interested in seeing the banners which celebrate the large number of community musicians who have kept the CCO musically strong for over 40 years. We know we did not catch every name, and there will be an opportunity to make corrections and additions to the banners before they are put away in anticipation of a future celebratory event. 

(2) Don’t forget to wear your new T shirt! These should be available at the June 10 rehearsal, or at the Dress Rehearsal in a worst case scenario. $20 payable when picking it up. Concert dress: all black - either the new shirt or a black one, with black pants or skirt.

(3) Several local political representatives have sent messages for the programme, congratulating the CCO on its 40th Anniversary. Two or three will attend the concert, and are expected to make short comments, likely just before the music starts. Be sure to say hello to those who attend.

(4) We are having a 50/50 raffle, with Enza Anderson announcing the winner at the end of the concert, before the reception. Cash only for ticket purchases. Please bring small bills and ask your friends and family to do the same. Remind them that an audience member won $600 at our first concert this season and $500 at the second. Quite a nice prize for a relatively cheap ticket - $5 for one, $10 for three, and $20 for “an arm’s length”. Musicians and most volunteers can participate, so come feeling lucky. 

(5) The celebratory reception will follow immediately after the concert, in the Rofos Hall attached to Eastnster. There will be background piano music thanks to John Alonso, some refreshments (including cookies thanks to musicians, and specially decorated Pride cupcakes from Whiskful Thinking), an historical slide show (Daniel and volunteer Robert Lau), the unveiling of the 10 banners of “40 Years of Musicians & Milestones” (volunteer Lee-Ann Ngu did yeoman’s service to complete this months-long project beautifully and on time!), a photo backdrop for guests to take selfies, and a toast by our Committee Co-Hosts, David Brownstone and Trish Tervit. Lots going on, and all of it thanks to lots of committed volunteers. Please plan to attend. And do take part in clean up starting at 11:15pm if you can. 


Mondays June 3 and 10 - rehearsals at The 519, 7:30 to 9:30pm. Snacks: Winds and Brass on June 3, Second Violins on June 10. Wednesday June 5 - 7:30pm - Board of Directors meeting by Zoom. Members may attend. Email for an invitation

Friday June 14 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm Dress Rehearsal, Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Ave.

Saturday, June 15 - 7:30pm 40th Anniversary Concert, “Melodies of Pride and Progress with violinist Jaedon Daly”, plus a post concert reception, and other celebratory events, Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Avenue. 


If you personally are performing in a concert or gig you would like others to know about, you can:

(i) post it in the Musicians’ Only section of the CCO website;(ii) put the poster or a note on the table at the door at the rehearsals; (iii) send details to for including in this spot in the CCO ANNOUNCEMENTS.

The Announcements will not be published regularly in July and August. If you have a summer gig, please submit it asap. 

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