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CCO Announcements October 28th 2022

These Announcements deal with the upcoming rehearsal, and the logistics of the December 10 concert. However, the most important section is the one telling you about Angela Swan, the CCO’s guest of honor at our upcoming concert. 1. REHEARSAL MONDAY OCTOBER 31 PLUS MEDIA CONSENT FORM (i) Pieces to be rehearsed: Christmas Festival Sleigh Ride Journeys, for Angela Swan Mozart Clarinet Concerto, Adagio Hansel und Gretel, Overture Soirée Musicales, last movement (ii) Consent to be Videotaped Tai Chan and Tetsuya have arranged to videotape, and probably photograph, next week’s rehearsal for later use in the CCO’s social media and advertising. If you have not already done so, please sign and return the Media Consent form, attached, or ensure you sign it when you arrive at the rehearsal on Monday. 2. CCO’S GUEST OF HONOUR AT THE DECEMBER 10 CONCERT, ANGELA SWAN, OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF CANADA In addition to offering a varied and spirited programme for our holiday concert, the CCO has invited a special guest. The Board commissioned member Andrew McClure to compose a piece in our guest’s honour, the freshly-minted piece we played for the first time ever at last week’s rehearsal, “Journeys, for Angela Swan". You should know a bit about Angela as you sell tickets and promote our concert. In fact, you may have already met her at one of our concerts - she was a staunch supporter before the pandemic shutdown, and was again off her seat leading the ovation for us at the CCO’s June performance. Angela Swan is a distinguished lawyer, legal scholar, law teacher, and mentor, with many texts, books, articles and presentations to her credit; she has earned prizes, awards, and honorary doctorates from Ontario’s Law Society, the Canadian Bar Association, U of T, and McGillopipol. She has been a law professor and lecturer since 1965, teaching at U of T, McGill, Queen’s and the University of Victoria, and has practiced law with top notch Toronto law firms, currently Aird Berlis, LLP . Attached is her very impressive bio outlining her professional qualifications and accomplishments. In 2021, Angela was awarded the distinction of becoming an Officer of Canada, Canada’s second highest award of service. Appointments to the Order of Canada are awarded annually to recognize the outstanding merit and distinguished service of Canadians who make a major difference to Canada through their lifelong contributions to their field; a limited number of such outstanding Canadians receive the even higher honours of becoming an Officer of the Order of Canada, as Angela has, or a Companion of the Order. Angela is exceptional in her chosen profession of law, and is also exceptional in her personal life. In her 60’s, Angela transitioned physically to fully become the woman she always knew she was. By inviting Angela to be our guest of honour, the CCO celebrates a distinguished trans woman, a role model and inspiration within the 2SLGBTQIA community. Angela and her daughter, Ellen, also a lawyer, discuss Angela’s life experience and her transition in a video, “Expect Acceptance - the Story of Transgender Lawyer Angela Swan and Her Daughter Ellen Swan” The site will ask you for an employer - use “Counterpoint”. The video tells an inspiring tale. 3. LOGISTICS FOR “HOLIDAY CORNUCOPIA” Date: December 10, 2022, 7:30pm Place: Rosedale United Church, 159 Roxborough Drive Health & Safety: Masks required inside the Church; 1.5 hour programme; no intermission; no food or drink in the Church. Tickets: $20.00 for Adults; $12 for Youth (18 years and younger) Tickets and posters will be available for distribution and sale by November 14, or earlier. The details for electronic payments will be available shortly as well. All members are expected to sell at least 2 tickets. 4. MEMBERSHIP FORMS AND FEES If you have not already done so, please complete the Application for Membership for 2022-’23, the Risk Acknowledgment form, and pay your Membership Fees. Email if you need the forms or information about paying on line, or complete them at the rehearsal at St. Barnabas where our Door Volunteer, Paul Rodger, has lots of forms and is happy to collect money. Thank you. 5. IMPORTANT CCO DATES Monday October 30: Videotaping of the CCO rehearsal, St. Barnabas Church, 8:00pm Friday December 9, 2022: Dress rehearsal - 7:00 Rosedale United Church Saturday December 10, 2022: Concert, “Holiday Cornucopia” (premier of “Journeys, for Angela Swan” by Andrew McClure) - Rosedale United Church, 159 Roxborough Drive, 7:30pm Monday January 9, 2023: Rehearsals resume Mondays, 8:00 to 10:00pm (Venue to be determined) Friday March 24, 2023: Dress Rehearsal (Venue to be determined) Saturday March 25, 2023: Concert (premier of “A Stone’s Throw” by Justin Peters) (Venue to be determined) Friday June 9, 2023: Dress Rehearsal (Venue to be determined) Saturday June 10, 2023: Concert (Trumpet Concerto by composer Betsy Raum) (Venue to be determined)

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