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CCO Announcements Sep 28th 2023

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 


Please remember to check your name off on the Attendance Sheet at rehearsals; the CCO needs to know who is attending and The 519 expects us to report our numbers. The Door Volunteers have the Attendance Sheet. 

(i) October 2 Rehearsal - Strings Only 

Our Music Director, Andrew Chung, has scheduled a Strings Only rehearsal for this coming Monday, October 2. Winds and brass have the evening off. Since October 9 is Thanksgiving, we won’t meet as a group again until October 16. 

When: String Sectional only. Monday October 2, 2023, 7:30pm to 9:30pm. 

Where: The 519 Community Centre, 519 Church Street, Toronto. 

Required:   Bring your own music and music stand. 

Music Links: Go to the Musicians Only portal on for links to the music for the December 9 holiday concert. We’ll be rehearsing the Mozart Arias with Rebecca Gray later in October. At the string sectional we’ll be rehearsing: 

If you really cannot print your part, please contact the CCO’s Librarian, Bob Mitchell, and ask him to bring one for you:

If you have suggestions for particular passages in this music that you would like help with at the string sectional, please email Gemma Donn at

To see how "Twas the Night Before Christmas" is performed with an orchestra and a narrator,  you may enjoy this Youtube performance of the Bill Holcombe score: (although the CCO version will be more fun since our narrator is drag star Fay Slift.) 

(ii) Link for Beethoven Symphony #3 

Last week, we rehearsed Beethoven 3, although we are not performing it until our March 23 concert. A reminder that the links can be confusing; we are using the Leipzig: Breitkopf & Hartel/Kalmus edition. Direct link:,_Op.55_(Beethoven,_Ludwig_van),  also available as the second edition noted in the Musicians Only portal in  

Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel/Kalmus edition can be accessed as follows:

2. scroll down a long way (past all the "Performances") until you reach "Sheet Music"

3. select the "Parts" tab

4 open the second edition: Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel/Kalmus and download your part


The CCO’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for November 6 at Holy Name Parish on the Danforth near Pape Station. Note this is scheduled for longer than usual rehearsals so that the AGM does not interfere with our concert preparation. Start time: 7:00pm; End time: 10:00pm 

The AGM Agenda and other documents required by the By-Laws will be circulated in the Announcements in advance. A new Board of Directors will be elected, and the musicians will be given reports up-dating them on Board activities. Only members can vote and stand for election as a Director. Please ensure your name is on the Members List before November 6. A Members List is available with the Door Volunteer at rehearsals, and is up-dated weekly right now. 

Volunteers and Directors: Under the CCO By-Laws, the Board of Directors is made up of between 5 and 9 members, all of whom are volunteers. There are 4 Officers: a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary, and up to five Members at Large.The work of the CCO is done primarily in Committees that report to the monthly Board meetings. In the last Announcements, this editor improperly named the Committees - sorry about that! Under the By-Laws as amended and adopted at the last AGM, there are the following Standing Committees:

  • Executive Committee

  • Programme Committee 

  • Concert Committee 

  • Membership and Communications Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • By-Laws Committee. 

There are additional ad hoc committees created by the Board to fulfill specific purposes. For example, this year, there is a 40th Anniversary Planning Committee. 

Please consider running for the Board,  joining a Committee, or recommending that someone you know who is interested in volunteer work get involved. 

There is lots of interesting work to keep the CCO going, requiring different skills and differing amounts of time.  There are vacancies at the Directors’ level to be filled. 

Any of the current Directors would be pleased to discuss Board positions and Volunteer opportunities. The current Board members are:

Liz Mitchell, Chairperson

Daniel Payne, Vice Chair

John Todd, Treasurer

Holly Price, Secretary

Andrew B.Q. Lam

David Brownstone,

Tetsuya Kobayashi,


Most musicians have now joined or renewed their memberships. Thank you. 

For those who have not completed the necessary two forms (Application and Media Consent), or not paid their fees ($120 for the season, $60 for students), please do so. The forms are attached and can be completed electronically, fees can be paid electronically to, with a note saying who the fee payment is for. Both forms and fees can also be submitted at the Monday rehearsals, to a Door Volunteer. 

Potential new musician members can attend two trial rehearsals; fees become due and payable with the third rehearsal attended, and you will be asked about your fee payment. If fee payment is causing you financial hardship, please speak to the Chair for a reduction or waiver, or email her at Financial hardship should not be a reason to miss the joy of making music together. 

Although the CCO’s Vaccination and COVID Safety Policies are in abeyance, COVID is making a resurgence. Please do not attend rehearsals if you have any symptoms or are ill, and consider wearing a mask if you have been exposed to colds, flu or COVID - masks help with all three. The Door Volunteers have masks available. 



The CCO’s first of four posters is available for posting at your workplaces, coffee shops, local notice boards, neighbourhood businesses and libraries,  etc. Copies will be available for pick up at the rehearsals. This one will be replaced in mid November by one specific to our holiday concert. The hope is that the Please Join Us poster will attract members, audience, donors and volunteers by advertising our whole season early.

In addition, please circulate the poster to your email contacts, reaching out to your friends and family now:  


Monday October 2 - String sectional rehearsal. (Winds and brass have the week off.) 7:30 to 9:30 at The 519, 519 Church Street. 
Monday October 9 - no rehearsal, Thanksgiving

  Monday October 16 - full rehearsals resume, Mondays at 7:30, at the 519, unless location is changed in these Important CCO Dates. 

 Thursday October 19 - ZOOM Meeting of the Board of Directors. If you want to attend, please request a Zoom invitation from 

 Monday November 6 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm - AGM + Rehearsal. Location: Holy Name Parish, 71 Gough Ave. (on the Danforth at Gough), 1 block west of Pape Station. (The 519 is not available) 

Monday November 13 - rehearsals resume at The 519, 7:30pm. 

Friday December 8 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm Dress Rehearsal, East End United Church (formerly Eastminster United), 310 Danforth (Chester Station) 

Saturday December 9 - 7:30pm Concert, East End United Church 

(No rehearsals Dec. 11, 18, 25, or Jan. 1)

Monday January 8, 2024 - Rehearsals resume Mondays, 7:30pm at The 519 

Friday March 22 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm Dress Rehearsal, East End United 

Saturday March 23 - 7:30pm Concert, East End United

Monday March 25 - no rehearsal 

Monday April 1 - Easter Monday. Discussion required re rehearsal or not.

Monday April 8, 7:30pm - rehearsals resume at The 519 

Monday May 20 - no rehearsal, Victoria Day.

Friday June 14 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm Dress Rehearsal, East End United 

Saturday, June 15 - 7:30pm 40th Anniversary Concert, Eastminster United


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