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CCO Announcement SEPTEMBER 8, 2022

The 2022-’23 season is about to begin! 8:00 pm Monday, September 12, St. Barnabas Church, 361 Danforth Avenue, just west of the Chester subway. Today’s Announcements include important notices, particularly for CCO musicians and members, including:


  • Change in Music Distribution - Musicians are expected to print their own parts and bring them to rehearsals. Librarian Bob Mitchell will provide the IMSLP links in advance, where available. The links for the September 12 rehearsal and the Sept. 25 Allan Gardens Festival are attached.

  • By-Law review - old and proposed new CCO By-Laws are attached in preparation for September 20 Zoom call discussion, link attached.


1. DECEMBER 10 CONCERT & LINKS FOR THE SEPTEMBER 12 REHEARSAL The Programme Committee has finalized the programmes for the CCO’s three upcoming concerts. Musicians Warning: this year, the CCO’s Librarian, Bob Mitchell, will provide IMSLP links for the music we are playing which is available on IMSLP but will not be bringing or distributing printed copies of those pieces at rehearsals or concerts. If you really can’t print your own, email and your request for a printed part will be forwarded to the Librarian. Holiday Cornucopia December 10 /2022 Concert 1. Overture to Hansel und Gretel (Vorspiel) - Humperdinck,_Engelbert) 2. Adagio from Clarinet Concerto. Mozart (ie Second movement only) (featuring CCO member Helen Li) 3. Messiah - Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion - Handel ( Just the one aria),_HWV_56_(Handel,_George_Frideric) 4. Journeys of Angela Swan - Andrew McClure - parts to be distributed at the rehearsal 5 Soirees Musicales - Britten - parts to be distributed at the rehearsal 6. Sing-Along with Rebecca Gray - TBA


2. FIRST CCO REHEARSAL OF THE 2022-’23 SEASON (i) The CCO is maintaining its COVID restrictions from last spring, at least while we see what happens with COVID:

  • proof of three vaccinations must be shown once, prior to attending a first indoor CCO event. There will be volunteers at the door to check

  • masks must be worn at all times when not actually playing a wind instrument

  • musicians must bring their own music stands

  • Risk Assessment forms must be signed once, and will be available at the door of the rehearsal for those who have not signed.

(ii) New musicians or potential new musicians - Application for Membership forms will be available at the door (iii) Membership fees for the 2022-23 season are $100 but are not due until after the AGM on October 3. (Individuals needing reduced fees may contact any Board Director.) 3. BY-LAW REVIEW, ZOOM INFORMATION SESSION SEPTEMBER 20, 7:00 pm Director Andrew Lam has spent considerable time this past year reviewing and updating the CCO’s By-Laws, particularly in light of the new legislation, the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, Ontario that governs the CCO. The changes are extensive, and the final revised By-Laws will be put to the membership for a vote at the Annual General Meeting on October 3. The CCO is a voluntary organization; the members should be familiar with the rules that apply to it and to them. Andrew is hosting an Information Session for members by Zoom to highlight the many changes, answer questions, and receive suggestions for further changes. Attached are: a PDF of the new, revised draft CCO By-Laws; a Word document of the previous, existing By-Laws; and the Zoom link to the meeting on September 20, at 7:00 pm. Topic: Zoom Meeting - Information Session, CCO By-Law Revisions Time: Sep 20, 2022 07:00 PM America/Toronto Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 870 5819 4844 Passcode: 055318


4. FESTIVAL IN ALLAN GARDENS, SEPTEMBER 25, 1:00 TO 4:00pm The CCO is fully, and delightedly, committed to providing all the music for the “Power and the Park Festival” in Allan Gardens on Sunday, September 25, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. The music will be piecing the CCO previously performed during the Playing in the Park seasons, and various members will be featured. Here are the links so that musicians may print their parts.

The CCO is receiving an honorarium for our musical contributions that day. Further, this is an opportunity to contribute to the community and to reach potential new audiences. It is not too late to join the group performing on Sunday, September 25. If you have not already done so, please complete the September 25 Sign Up Form: or speak with Programme Committee Chair Daniel Payne at the first rehearsal. In addition, the CCO has a spot at the Community Table to distribute flyers, and answer questions. Please speak with CCO Chairperson Bob Bentley, or email if you would like to volunteer a bit of your time at that Table. On September 25, we expect to be surrounded by other neighbourhood agencies and services, and by over 20 market stalls! Everyone is welcome to come to say hello to the CCO musicians and volunteers, buy some crafts, and show support for this neighbourhood initiative, now in its third year and growing. We are proud that the CCO has been invited to participate.


5. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED There are 4 vacancies on the Board of Directors to be filled by election at the AGM on October 4. Both Bob Bentley and Kevin Uchikata have reached the maximum terms permitted under the By-Laws. Fortunately, they have agreed to continue as volunteers, so their wealth of experience will not be lost to the CCO. If possible, it would be great to fill the Director vacancies and find committee volunteers among the people who have shown an interest in the CCO - its members and supporters reading these Announcements, for instance. If you would like to volunteer or to discuss positions please email You do not need to be a musician to serve as a volunteer or Director or to become a member of the CCO. We are also reaching out for volunteers to the community at large. Over the next few weeks, you may see notices for CCO Board members and volunteers on public websites and on community notice boards. If you want to post such a notice, let us know.

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