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CCO ANNOUNCEMENTS November 11th 2022

Musicians: please pay particular attention to Item 2 - a rehearsal venue trial. And, of course, please engage in enthusiastic ticket sales and promotions! 1. NOVEMBER 14 REHEARSAL This week, we’ll be rehearsing the Hansel and Gretel Overture, McClure’s Journeys, for Angela, and Christmas Festival; then the Mozart clarinet concerto, his Exsultate, movements 1 and 4, Handel’s “Rejoice”, and the Exsultate third movement. 2. TRYING OUT UNIVERSITY SETTLEMENT VENUE: November 21 Rehearsal As you know, the CCO is looking for a “home”, away from our former home at The 519. St. Barnabas has nicely filled the gap, and is still available to us, but can we do better? We are close to outgrowing St. Barnabas. The Board has researched several downtown locations within our budget and accessible by public transit. Sorry, no reasonable alternative in the Village has been found. However, one attractive alternative is University Settlement, a community center immediately behind the Art Gallery that is eager to host the CCO. As part of our decision-making process, Director Andrew Lam is asking University Settlement for a one-evening trial rehearsal in its auditorium space, ideally for the November 21 rehearsal. We hope to be able to confirm that trial at this week’s rehearsal. We can then all have a say, on November 28, in assessing the merits of one venue over another. If all goes according to plan, the CCO will rehearse on Monday, November 21, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm at University Settlement, 23 Grange - between Beverley and McCaul, behind the AGO. Accessible by either the Dundas streetcar or the St. Patrick subway station. Rehearsals will resume the week after at St. Barnabas, with the final rehearsal there under the current lease on December 5. 3. THE MUSICIANS’ ONLY PAGE & RECORDING OF THE JUNE CONCER Remember how great the CCO sounded on June 4 at “United with Ukraine”? Thanks to Director Tetsuya Kobayashi, the MP3 of that concert is now available on the Musicians' Only page on the CCO website. It really is as good as you remember! If you have not yet registered for the Musicians' Only page, it is simple. Go into and click on Musicians' Only (the page is open to all members, playing and non-playing). The very first time you use the page, you need to register: select how you will access the page in the future (Facebook, Google, email?), and complete and submit the requested form. Tetsuya will check against our membership list, and issue permits to you to use the site thereafter. 4. DECEMBER 10, “HOLIDAY CORNUCOPIA” - TICKETS AND POSTERS TICKETS; Again thanks to Tetsuya, electronic tickets can now be purchased on our website: The website opens with “Buy Tickets”. Printed tickets should be available at the upcoming rehearsal. Each member is expected to buy at least two tickets. Cost: $20 for adults, and $12 for youth (18 and under). POSTERS: The posters are printed. Please circulate an electronic version to everyone you know, and post printed copies on all your favourite bulletin boards. 5. VACANCIES ON THE BOARD Our newly-elected Treasurer has decided to resign for personal reasons. We also have two Director vacancies and a Director who will be on medical leave shortly. If you are sorry you did not pluck up your courage and run for election at the Annual General Meeting, that regret can be remedied. Please consider joining the Directors’ team. Express your interest by emailing The Treasurer’s job duties do not require a Chartered Accountant’s designation, but interest and some experience in business matters help. The Treasurer will also have the comfort of knowing that the CCO’s long-standing Treasurer, Kevin Uchikata, is continuing as a volunteer. If you, or anyone you know, could be interested in filling this vacancy, please email 6. MEMBERSHIP FORMS AND FEES A few members have not completed all the required membership forms, and even fewer have not yet paid their membership fees ($100, student $50 - with confidential appeals to the Board available if this payment is too onerous for you.) Our devoted Door Volunteer, Paul Rodger, has all the forms and can collect fees at the entrance on November 14. Please check with Paul on your way in.


Monday November 21, 8:00pm: Trial rehearsal, University Settlement, 23 Grange (behind the AGO) [assuming date is confirmed at Nov. 14 rehearsal]. St. Barnabas will not be open.

Monday November 28, 9:00pm break: Rehearsal back at St. Barnabas. At the break, the Board will seek members’ opinions on rehearsal venue - St. Barnabas or University Settlement?

Friday December 9, 2022: Dress rehearsal - Rosedale United Church 159 Roxborough Drive

Saturday December 10, 2022: Concert, “Holiday Cornucopia” (premier of “Journeys, for Angela Swan” by Andrew McClure) - Rosedale United Church

Monday January 9, 2023: Rehearsals resume (venue to be determined before the December break)

Friday March 24, 2023: Dress Rehearsal (venue to be determined)

Saturday March 25, 2023: Concert (premier of “A Stone’s Throw” by Dustin Peters)

Friday June 9, 2023: Dress Rehearsal (venue to be determined)

Saturday June 10, 2023: Concert (Trumpet Concerto by composer Elizabeth Raum).

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